AQUASTATIN Ltd. is a specialized company which has long been professionally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and application of chemical products with the aim of full protection from fire and harmful dust.

AQUASTATIN produces finished products that are actively being used in Serbia and region. A team of experts is constantly working on research and
development, finding new possibilities and applications of the product in different fields of business.

Clients of AQUASTATIN come from fields of energy, mining, construction, and institutions that are actively engaged in the protection of people and property from fire or pollution. Public enterprises, local governments, state departments (police, firefighters, military), industrial plants of all kinds are also potential customers and users of the family of products offered by AQUASTATIN Ltd.

The mission of AQUASTATIN is to protect human lives, health and property from fire and pollution.

The vision of AQUASTATIN is an environment in which incidents caused by fire and pollution are completely eradicated thanks to the products NOVEST and CONDUST.

The strategy of AQUASTATIN is to become a leader in the fields of protection from fire and pollution, by satisfying the needs of industrial clients and keep innovating.

AQUASTATIN Ltd. is a company, at any given time ready to meet its client’s needs by providing analysis and solutions, regardless of whether it comes to the systems of fire protection, the problem of spontaneous combustion of coal or the problem of environmental pollution caused by energy-intensive activities.

Top products NOVEST and CONDUST, as innovative and unique products of this kind, represent the driving force of AQUASTATIN Ltd., in cooperation with the clients of all profiles. There are outstanding possibilities for cooperation in producing and applying of these products in various industrial sectors.

Until the next time, detailed presentations and the beginning of cooperation!



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