CONDUST (AQS AD 15-40) momentarily breaks down all types of dust and prevents re-dispersal. Achieves remarkable effects in the fields of environment protection and prevention of accidents in the mining and construction sectors. This product is designed for the treatment of powdery materials in order to prevent scattering and maintain the humidity in the surface layer.

Inorganic salt contained in the product is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air very well and allows the treated surface to establish a dynamic balance with the moisture in the air. Additional substances contained in this product allow it to moisture the treated material (even in the case of substances that are difficult to moist) and evenly coats the particles in the layer.

The absorbed moisture increases the mass of the particles, while the formed thin layer of CONDUST releases them from the static electricity causing them to be grouped into larger agglomerates. In this manner, a protective layer that can stay moist for a long time is formed on the treated material, making the material looser than the untreated one, so that the scattering of particles under the influence of air currents would not be possible.

The effects of product CONDUST make his application possible in various fields of business. It gives distinct results at surface coal mines, transfer points and tracks used to transport coal, because it momentarily moist the unwettable coal dust better than any other product.

The application of this product is very simple and doesn’t require special gear. The treatment is carried out by slurry jets, agricultural sprayers, atomizers or adequate system of spraying pipes, depending on the size and accessibility of the site.




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Energy and mining

In these fields, this product is used to prevent scattering of ashes and dust particles from the power plants depot and mine tailings. These particles contain toxic substances that have extremely bad influence on the health of the local population, there for the use of product CONDUST solves a major environmental and health problem.

Road construction industry

It is used for the treatment of gravel and dirt roads to improve their performance and extend their lifespan (preventing the removal of material and spraying of the environment by the passing vehicles); also suitable for use in the construction of asphalt road before the asphalt-set phase.


It prevents the emission of construction materials (sand, cement …) during the construction works, reconstruction or demolition.

Cement and concrete production

It reduces health risks, the pollution of air by the particles and the possibility of plants hazards that can be caused by the increased dust emission. In addition to elimination of dust and its bad influence on the environment, this product doesn’t affect the final characteristics of concrete, because it is applied as a fine spray that doesn’t lead to the forming of large aggregates of material.

Wood industry

During the processing of wood materials, a large amount of sawdust is being released and increased concentration of sawdust in the air causes environmental and health problems. Application of the product CONDUST effectively solves these problems.

Powdery materials transportation

For prevention of scattering of powdery materials during transport (road, railway or water transport). Treating the surface area of loaded materials ensures that material
remains moist for a long time, preventing the scattering of particles by wind, therefore reduces the negative impact on the environment, as well as preventing the loss of

Landfills rehabilitation and solid waste treatment

Treating the surface of landfills or application of the product during the preloading of solid waste, reduces emission of fine dust into the atmosphere, therefore reduces the pollution of the environment.