ICE MELT is a product for preventing the occurrence of ice on roads and pedestrian areas

ICE MELT is used during the winter to prevent the occurrence of ice on roads and pedestrian areas. Compared to the standard road maintenance salt, ICE MELT is significantly more economical, because its consumption is lower and lasts longer, therefore the costs of machinery and manpower are less.

ICE MELT can also be used as a preventive. Applying the product immediately before the precipitation starts, prevents the retention of snow and the formation of ice on the treated areas. In the case of intense snow and rainfall, it enables easier removal of the snow for the snow-cleaning mechanization, due to the fact that there will be no ice formed underneath the snow.


Besides the maintenance of roads during winter time, ICEMELT can be used to prevent the formation of ice in parks and pedestrian zones in the city center, in front of public institutions, post offices, kindergartens, schools and other buildings of the public interest, because it is completely safe and does not cause damage of any kind.




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