NOVEST (AQS Superior; AQS AF 20) is a product that subdued fire.

The concept of fire prevention and protection is changed permanently because the unique composition and the secret molecular formula allow the most efficient, fastest and complete protection from open flames. Prevention and treatment of fire and prevention of spontaneous combustion of coal are problems that can be solved entirely by using a unique product NOVEST.

NOVEST is a product with a very wide use in fire prevention, by timely treatment of the areas you want to protect.

The treated area remains chemically protected for a long period of time and it cannot be set on fire even with a direct contact with flame. If it becomes necessary to extinguish fire, NOVEST is a tool that quickly and completely prevents the lighting of a fire. NOVEST is a product with a wide range of possibilities for the preventive application in the fields of industrial processes, transportation and construction.

Long-simmering processes of spontaneous combustion of coal prevent operational functioning of open pit mines, destroy the coal resources and extremely pollute the environment. Optimal application of the product NOVEST on key points blocks the possible processes of spontaneous combustion of coal and enables smooth operation of processing in the coal mines.

The combination of chemical substances that are built into NOVEST allow coating of materials with a very thin layer of a special substance which, on the edges of the surface layer, continuously maintains the necessary amount of moisture that effectively prevents inflammation.

The chemical composition of the product NOVEST contains a unique possibility of total protection from backfiring and the lasting effect of preventive treatment.




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Class A fire extinguishers: (solid materials fires with the creation of the ember: wood, textiles, coal, plant materials, plastics, straw, paper …) and “B” (liquid and easily soluble materials: gasoline, benzene, oils, fats, lacquers, resins, alcohol …)

The efficiency of extinguishing is increased compared to standard treatments, and standard fire extinguishing equipment is used, but the temperature of the extinguished material is considerably lower. It is not possible to re-ignition treated material.

Prevention of the spontaneous combustion of coal

Preventive treatment of coal during exploitation and in the landfills for disposal, prevents the spontaneous combustion of coal because the heat that eventually develops within the coal is spent on the evaporation of the retained molecules of the product, thus preventing the heating and the supply of oxygen necessary for the process of burning; it is important to note that the treated coal does not lose its properties.

Control of forest fires

In addition to being used as an effective fire extinguishing product, it is also used to form a “buffer zone” to prevent the spreading of fire; considering that this product has detention properties, the treated zone has an extended burn time, which means that when the fire reaches the zone’s border, it extinguishes itself.

Fire Prevention Saturation of Porous Materials

So far, positive effects of the product have been tested on rubber and wooden products, and ongoing research is being done on the saturation of paper and textiles; the treated materials are exposed to longer burning times while being constantly exposed to a heat source, and when it comes to the ignition, the materials burn significantly slower, without generating flames or new embers.